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Photographs of the universe by Ric Babcock

Photographs Of Stars And Galaxies By Ric Babcock

galaxy photo

nebula photo
Dear friends and family,
I would like to share with you deeply beautiful images of the stars and the universe taken by my friend, Ric Babcock. His images inspired the star scenes you see in my Healing Hand Cards: Mother Love of the Universe and Hands of Golden Light. Ric's beautiful images have changed the way I draw and paint stars and universes, galaxies and beyond! They have also touched my life deeply and shifted the foundation from which I view the world and life. I hope you enjoy them, just click on the link below.
Peace be with you all!
Nan Bowles
Golden Light with hands braiding hair and glaxies
Hands Of Golden Light

Great Blue Heron with spotted turtle coyote luna moth and hands
Mother Love of the Universe

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