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elf for children's book illustration
Please contact me if you would like an illustrator for your book -- I can create drawings, paintings and book covers tailored to your needs. My experience is with children's books but I am open to working with poetry books or whatever your book needs might be. When you contact me at my email address: nansgreetingcards@yahoo.com, I can give you an estimate and am willing to negotiate. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Nan Bowles

Examples of Children's Books I Have Illustrated

The Elf and Fairy Meet Mother Nature by Billy Lloyd
This tells a fanciful tale about an elf and a fairy traveling the cloud bridge to meet Mother Nature. One day the pair travels past the troll bridge to get to Mother Nature's house when the elf is captured by the trolls. Sea creatures come to the elf's rescue. This book was written for the author's grandson.
troll who lives under a bridge

The Shark and His Pet Boy by Gregory B. Moss
The Shark and His Pet Boy is a collection of short stories a father created for his small sons. They range from a story of a bear and some bees, to an alligator eating ice-cream in the General Store, to a poem about lost shoes that are found, to a cabbage being eaten by caterpillars. The link below lists stores in NC, Georgia, Tennessee, and Virginia where they are sold.
lost shoes illustration for children's book

Hooray, Up He Rises by Kay Salter
This book is a story about a boy on vacation in Beaufort, NC. On rainy days he spends his time in the North Carolina Maritime Museum and meets the sperm whale skeleton hanging there. The boy meets a friendly stranger who also enjoys just sitting on the bench beside the whale skeleton. This friendly stranger knows a lot about whales and can answer many of the boy's questions. It is for sale at the Beaufort NC Maritime Museum Bookstore.
sperm whale surfacing - children's book illustration

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