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Original greeting cards, Earth parables, artwork and photographs
by Nan Bowles

Product Information

Each of the images is a portal or opening into ourselves representing encounters with members of our communities; including trees, flowers, animals, the land and our fellow humans. When I take time to visit a flower or watch the lizards in my pathway a parable or teaching story is revealed, if I take the time to listen and watch. Each greeting card image comes with a short parable or lesson on the back that relates the animal or plant life to insights on human behavior, or simply helps us to get to know the plant or animal more deeply. While it isn’t always necessary to know our neighbor’s name to appreciate their gifts, learning the name of a tree, bird, flower or person can help us to connect on deeper levels. These images serve as an invitation to you to engage in the world around you wherever you are. I hope you enjoy them.

Greeting cards are sold in batches of ten.

SPECIAL AND CUSTOM ORDERS: If you wish to chose the mix of cards please send me an email with your choices or request a mix of ten, my choice. If you want to buy a large quantity, want an enlargement of an image or any other type of custom order (such as fewer cards), simply email me.

How To Pay For Custom Orders:
#1. Go to the PayPal home page
#2. Click on the send money "learn more" link
#3. Send money to this email address: nansgreetingcards@yahoo.com
#4. Follow instructions to set up your account
#5. Send the payment

1 box of ten = $50.00
Shipping and handling and any applicable taxes are included in that price.

All greeting cards are 4 1/4” X 5 1/2” with envelopes included.

Please allow two-three weeks for delivery.

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