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Healing Hands
Read parables about each of these Healing Hands paintings
PLEASE NOTE: Healing Hands cards are larger than our other cards.
They are 8 1/2"x 5 1/2" and the envelope size is 6"x9"
Price includes taxes plus shipping and handling.

For a mix of cards, quantity discounts (over 3 boxes), enlargements of an image or any other custom order (such as fewer cards) please email me.

Alpine fir with ferns and hands playing piano
Dance of Compassion

Blue roses spiral and hands with otters
Blue Roses

Cricket in hands weaving grass with basket and yellow flowers
Cricket's Song

Golden Light with hands braiding hair and glaxies
Hands Of Golden Light

Great Blue Heron with spotted turtle coyote luna moth and hands
Mother Love of the Universe

Hands carving canoe paddle with sassafras leaves
Woodworker and The Adz

Hands making mandolin with maple leaves and sitka spruce needles
The Luthier

Koa leaves with iima flowers and ferns
The I Can Energy Of The Universe

Magnolia leaves with fish,flowers, Buddhist monk and cookies
Dylan's Song

Wild iris with mushrooms and ferns in hands
Fern Time

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